Qigong Clinic

July Classes:

Medical Qigong Exercises to
Relieve Pain and Suffering:

  • 1 Arthritis, Tendonitis,
    Liver Conditions
    Tuesdays 8:30–9am
  • 2 Low Back Pain, Fatigue,
    Kidney Conditions
    Thursdays 2–2:30pm
  • 3 Allergies, Asthma,
    Lung Conditions
    Fridays 2-2:30pm
  • 4 Acceptance, Transformation,
    Wednesdays 6:30–7:45pm
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    P1—Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy

    P1 is the 1st course of the
    MQP Certificate Program
    No prerequisites for P1
    NCCAOM Acupuncture PDUs
    Fall and Spring Dates TBA Soon!


    Medical Qigong Consultation
    MQ Oncology Consultation
    Medical Qigong Tutorials
    MQ Exercise Classes
    MQ Practitioner Courses

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    “Qi” is the life energy in all things; in the oldest meaning, Qi is breath. Book Now
    “Gong” means training or cultivating.

    Qigong is an ancient Chinese discipline that uses movement exercises and body structure, breath training, meditation, and intention to cultivate and synchronize the body’s energy, the mind, and heart.

    Medical Qigong

    Medical Qigong combines Qigong energetic knowledge and Chinese medicine theory to offer a powerful system of medical exercises and energetic healing called Medical Qigong Therapy (MQT). MQT is complementary medicine that offers support to relieve pain and suffering, reduce or eliminate health syndromes, feel less stressed, and balance emotions to meet the challenges of life more effectively. Click for (more)

    We teach medical qigong classes, and offer energetic healing appointments. A healing consultation includes discussion of the client’s health history and current challenges, and energetic treatment. Prescription of a self-healing medical qigong exercise is usually a recommended option. Classes focus on self-healing topics and recovery from specific health challenges. Click Treatments or Classes

    Intensive seminars, group classes, and private tutorials prepare professional students for Certification as a Practitioner (MQP), Therapist (MQT), or Master (MMQ) of Daoist Medical Qigong Therapy. The first course in the series, P1 – Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy, is the place to begin study, w/ NCCAOM pdu credits for Acupuncturists. TrainingCertification

    Appointments and class registration can be completed online, by phone, and by email. Our clinic is located in a multi-disciplinary practice called A Healing Space, at 171 Lawrence St., Eugene, OR, 97401. Contact

    Both medical qigong energetic therapy and prescribed qigong exercises and meditations, done correctly, may restore the body’s health. Chinese medicine tells us that stress and pain, hormone and emotional imbalances, may be regulated and released. The ancient and effective experience of this traditional medicine shows how the internal organs, nervous system and immune system can also be harmonized and regulated with medical qigong.


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